1 Rajab 1441

Tuesday 25 February 2020, 09:11:57


Prayer Times

Tue 25th Feb

  Start Jamaat
Fajar 5:31 6:30
Sunrise 7:06 -
Zohar 12:25 12:45
Asar 3:46 4:15
Magrib - 5:42
Isha 7:14 7:45

Wed 26th Feb

  Start Jamaat
Fajar 5:29 6:30
Sunrise 7:03 -
Zohar 12:25 12:45
Asar 3:47 4:15
Magrib - 5:44
Isha 7:16 7:45

Jumma Times

First 12:35
Second 1:20

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Latest News:

  • Zikr Every Wednesday After Isha prayer -51710/19
  • Masjid Debt £0.00 Alhamdulilah the masjid has now re-paid all of the £1,035,000 cost of building the current masjid. Any donations made after this will go on future projects and general running of the masjid to continue in providing the essential services -02/06/18


Masjid-E-Hidayah is situated in the multi-cultural area of Old Trafford in Manchester. Alhamdulillah the new Mosque is fully completed and has been open since May 2012. The original masjid was opened 8th of March 1987 which is now used as the Madrassa and function hall.

This site was initially setup in March 2015 to get a presence on the web to serve the local community with key information.

Slowly with your help and Duaa's it is hoped it will be an informative portal for everyone to use.

Currently we are looking for volunteers to help develop and maintain relavent content, if you wish to help in any capacity from site layout to content relevant to the masjid please use the contact page or approach brother Arshad at the masjid for more info.

May Allah accept all our Efforts Ameen.